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To the Mall with Jeff & Jo, Car Track, Aquarium

Another “milestone’ that was recently achieved was Emma going somewhere in someone else’s car without me or Melissa. It may sound strange but Emma has not been anywhere in someone else’s car without us. But since she really loves My uncle Jeff and his wife Jo and since I trust them and like some free time, they decided to bring Emma to Woodfield mall. Before they left Jeff told me that they would see me at 4! That was about 6 hours from then! It was strange watching her get in their car and then wave to me as they drove away. I felt an almost sense of loss and worry…..It lasted about a minute …Read more […..]


I can swing! Missing Nona, School is all done, Now what?

More soon….


Da Beet! Dance, Dance, Dance, Am I “Gay”?

One of the cutest sayings that Emma has been using is Da Beet! She calls her feet beet. LOl. When I ask her if she wants her socks on she says Da Beet! Emma is a dancing fool just like me! I know I am no Fred Astaire but at least I try to show her how to do it! She loves to start one of the many, many, toys she has that plays music. She then proceeds to twirl around and around. Its the funny thing she does with her eyes that takes the cake. She keeps her eyes looking in the opposite direction that she is spinning. If she is spinning clockwise then her eyes are are looking all the way counter …Read more […..]