The Big Boys! “Can I Tell You Something?” Privacy While in Bathroom..

Emma has become good friends with the boys down the street. There are 2 boys, Evan and Ethan, that are a year older than her as well as a boy, Nathan, that is a year younger then her. They live down the street and love to come to our cul-de-sac where they can ride their bikes, their motorized cars, and scooters with her. It is so funny to watch them playing because Emma leads the way with the puppy dog boys following along. When they are at their house and Emma is in our front yard, they are constantly yelling messages back and forth. The little guy, Nathan, is the most vocal and aggressive about ...Read more [.....]

Taking Emma to School—Priceless!

So, I am glad I went with my gut and didn't listen to the naysayers who were telling me that Emma should take the bus to school because it would be good for her. Well, instead of the awesome pleasure of riding on a school bus, Emma is able to further bond with her Daddy! Which is the better option? Hmmmmm..... As we were walking the half block from the car to school today, I couldn't help but think about this. I parked in the usual area and we walked holding hands as always past the crossing guard and to the school. It was a beautiful morning today and we talked as we always do about the exciting ...Read more [.....]

1st Day(half) of Kindergarten!

Well, the day finally arrived! After meeting with Emma's new teacher yesterday for meet the Teacher Day, Emma had her 1st half day of school. Meeting her teacher yesterday relieved some of my anxieties as well as Emma's since she got an awesome teacher! Her teacher is right up her alley--an energetic and fun sounding young woman. I also learned about the procedures that I will be participating in such as dropping off and picking up. I set my alarm for 7am but woke up on my own this morning at 6ish in anticipation of today. We let Emma sleep until Mommy went to work and Mommy woke her ...Read more [.....]

Bye Bye Yoda, Daddy Will You Stay Here with Me Forever?, Wisconsin for 9 Days!, VBS

I often think about how fast time flies but it really hit home hard recently with the passing of my cat of 17+ years, Yoda. Emma brushing Yoda about a week before he died.                                                                   Me holding Yoda 1994 Seems like another completely different life when I got that cute little furball! I was single and lived in my own house all by myself until I got him. He was a constant companion and I brought him everywhere in those early days. He was a playful and energetic cat ...Read more [.....]

The End of Preschool Already?!

It is with a strange feeling of sadness I feel when thinking about the Preschool Closing ceremony that was held tonight at Emma’s school. The ceremony was just incredible and great and all but I can’t believe that it is over!   It just seems like yesterday that I brought Emma to her 1st day of preschool(with a great deal of apprehension—I wrote about it in this blog HERE) when she was 3 almost 2 years ago. I also remember the difference when I dropped her off at the beginning of this school year that is ending tomorrow. I did so with a feeling of complete comfort ...Read more [.....]

“Mommie, Why Can’t I Have a Real Car? I Want A Real Car”, Field Trip To Cosley Zoo, School Picnic!

Emma has really loved driving her Barbie Mustang since she got it. She brings her toys and stuffed animals in with her and rocks out to the "radio" that her car has. She has become quite a good little driver and recently said to Melissa, "Mommy, why can't I have a real car? I want a real car like yours." Too funny! We told her she has to wait another ten years and she said she doesn't want to. Emma's preschool had another field trip to the Cosley zoo and I volunteered to be the Chaperone. I had the privilege to drive Emma and her BFF Avery to the zoo. It was fun watching ...Read more [.....]

Home Sick from School–Mommie gone until Friday, “Daddy, I Love You”

Well,  as if another business trip for 4 nights wasn't bad enough, Emma was off school Monday for Easter Monday and then on Monday nite had a very bad case of the runs that occurred in the late hours of the night...:( She stayed home on Tuesday because her tummy was really bad for the entire day. She was afraid to eat and drink for fear it would keep happening so it was definitely a struggle to get her to drink anything. Her spirits were pretty good though and she took it with a grain of salt and humor. I used the situation to try to get her to eat bananas so the "icky diarrhea" wouldn't come ...Read more [.....]

Here We Go Again…..

Melissa goes out of town again this week from Monday until Friday! 🙁 Very disheartening and puts a damper on being able to really enjoy Easter Sunday. Every time this happens it feels like a snowball going down a mountain that is getting bigger and bigger. The question "What is your career and salary costing you?" runs in the background always propping its head like the bad angel on the shoulder. I know some people would say that if I don't like it then I should Go Get A Job(See my last post for rationale on this) but I am not sure they can relate fully to this. It is very easy to judge when you ...Read more [.....]

Tell Him To Get a Job–Sexism is Alive and Well

During this journey as a stay at home dad-- sahd -- I have come to learn lots of things about parenting, Moms and Dads. I have come to really appreciate what it means to be a stay at home parent and what they(we) all go through. I used to think that it was easy and relaxing. I used to think that there are so many hours in the day and that there is much more time available to get things done and do some relaxing or whatever. Well, I was wrong. During the last 5 years I have come to learn that many people are also wrong in their views. I have already documented some of the experiences I have had ...Read more [.....]

Emma’s New Mustang! Stye on her Eye! Avery has a TV in her room-Can I have one in my room?

Emma received her own car for her 5th Birthday! Her aunts Lina and Mary bought her a new Barbie Mustang Powerwheels car! She really likes it and is becoming quite the driver! I like it too because it keeps her busy for a while although I am always on the watch making sure no cars are coming on the streets near our cul de sac as she zooms in a big circle around our driveway and part of the street. I still have to drill into her head the importance of always looking both ways before entering the street since we still have a bunch of cars coming down our small dead end street and making ...Read more [.....]