Scolded By Another Mom

Well, the goofy dilemmas that I have heard about regarding Mom's of other kids has begun! My friends' wives have told me stories about things like this and now I have been a part of it! LOL Emma had a birthday party recently exclusively for her friends--her family party is seperate. When we were planning the party we wondered if we should invite the whole class or not. We decided to let Emma decide. Emma picked out the friends--all girls--who she wanted to come to the party. She left out a couple girls and we asked her if she was sure about it since she often played with one of them. She did, ...Read more [.....]

Teddy Bear Party! Full-Time Kindergarten?

Emma's preschool has a Teddy Bear/Pajama party every year and this year turned out really nice! Melissa helped out with the preparation at the school and there was lots of singing, crafts, dancing and playing! Emma brought her favorite bear--Purple and wore her favorite Princess pajamas. There was even a room where the Dads danced along with the kids as they sang one of their songs. At the end of the night everyone went into the gym where there were snacks and desserts... After eating the kids ran all over the place chasing each other and burning off all that sugar. It was a very nice day! This ...Read more [.....]

First Experience With Bullying?

I can remember the kids who used to bully me around like it was yesterday. Of course, after we all grew up(the bullies all seemed to stop growing around 8th grade, ha!) and I became a police officer the tables turned for good. Anyway, today, like most days, Emma kept asking when we were going to leave for school--did this for 2 hours. When we finally went, she was very excited. As usual she washed her hands and kissed me goodbye and then ran over to the board where all the kids write their names. Emma was there with one of the boys and she began excitedly writing her name when 3 other girls, Hannah, ...Read more [.....]

Playing in the snow!

Let it snow!!!! Gone are the days when Emma was scared of the snow and would not want to walk in it! Now, she loves to go outside and walk in it and pick it up and throw it. Emma and I had fun putting on her snow pants and cool new snow boots in preparation for our venture into the white stuff. When we went outside she enjoyed making snow angels and trying to make snow blocks with the new snow block makers that we bought. Unfortunately, the snow was too fluffy to pack but it was still fun to try! It is times like these that this stay at home dad really appreciates the winter and the change ...Read more [.....]

I can Snap! I can Zip! My 1st Snowman!

A couple new accomplishments that Emma has made. She is now able to snap and zip! She is very happy that she is able to fasten her clothes as well as zip up her coat without having to ask for help.

We recently had some good snow and Emma got to make her first snowman! Unlike the past when she didn’t like to play in the snow, she can’t get enough now! She enjoyed making a snowman as well as making snow angels all over the yard! Of course, Mommy & Daddy had to make their snow angels too! What fun!!

Our little girl is growing up so fast!

Emma with Flu for a week, getting so good at Wii, Little, not Yittle, Wisconsin not consin

Emma was home sick all week and it was rough. It is times like these that I can really understand how much I appreciate the free time, little as it is, that I have when she is in preschool. She kept me busy and handled it really well. She watched TV, played with her dolls &  played her Wii. She is really getting very good at the Wii and I am impressed! Emma recently changed the way she says a couple words. Gone are the cute ways that she said them...She no longer says Yiddle but says little and she no longer calls Wisconsin Consin. So cute to see her growing up! ...Read more [.....]

Christmas Singing! Christmas Play, Emma as “Mary”,First Trip to Dentist, Addicted to Wii

Emma's preschool class had their Christmas presentation for us parents and did they do a great job! Besides the Christmas show the class had a Christmas play for the class parents. Emma had the honor of being Mary. How cute!! This school does such a good job! This was a short show for us parents in the daytime. As the others, it was really cool! Emma had her first trip to the dentist which resulted in her watching Mom getting her teeth cleaned and a short look into Emma's mouth. It was really to get her used to the atmosphere so that in the future she wouldn't be ...Read more [.....]

School Field Trips, Best Friend Avery, Reading Books to Herself

Emma experienced her preschool field trip and had fun! As you can see she was excited to go on the school bus as they were getting ready to leave. Of course, I had a bit of apprehension with her being out of my control and in other peoples'. This is something I will constantly struggle with as most parents probably do. Emma has gotten close to a classmate who has been a classmate for 2 years. She loves to play with Avery and they seem to be best friends. When I pick Emma up, however, they goof off a bit and I have to remind Emma to behave. Little stinker... Emma has gotten into a good ...Read more [.....]

Mrs Kushmann called to compliment Emm’s singing, Too cold for the boys

A funny thing happened recently. Emma's preschool teacher called the house because she had to tell me how much she enjoys Emma's singing. The kids are practicing a Christmas show and Emmas voice is so noticeable and she sings with lots of force! The way that she was describing this and laughing was too cool! She told me that she had to tell us how much she appreciates Emma's singing! Awww!! The weather has turned and even though Emma and I go outside a lot still the boys down the street are no longer coming out to play...:( Emma told me that "It is too cold for the boys." Well, not too cold ...Read more [.....]

Happy Halloween! Headstrong Little Stinker…

Halloween 2010 Halloween is always an awesome time here at our household and this year was great! Emma was Cinderella this year and  had her preschool party/costume parade which was very cute. And, of course, we had our annual Halloween party. This year, Emma understands better what the party is all about and she really enjoyed the awesome decorations and lights that we put up in the garage. She loved seeing her cousins all dressed up and she enjoyed taking pictures with our neighbor Carol who was dressed as a witch! Emma still loves(and hates) witches! In fact, Auntie Kathy left her ...Read more [.....]