January 2011

Playing in the snow!

Let it snow!!!! Gone are the days when Emma was scared of the snow and would not want to walk in it! Now, she loves to go outside and walk in it and pick it up and throw it. Emma and I had fun putting on her snow pants and cool new snow boots in preparation for our venture into the white stuff. When we went outside she enjoyed making snow angels and trying to make snow blocks with the new snow block makers that we bought. Unfortunately, the snow was too fluffy to pack but it was still fun to try! It is times like these that this stay at home dad really appreciates the winter and the change …Read more […..]

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I can Snap! I can Zip! My 1st Snowman!

A couple new accomplishments that Emma has made. She is now able to snap and zip! She is very happy that she is able to fasten her clothes as well as zip up her coat without having to ask for help. We recently had some good snow and Emma got to make her first snowman! Unlike the past when she didn’t like to play in the snow, she can’t get enough now! She enjoyed making a snowman as well as making snow angels all over the yard! Of course, Mommy & Daddy had to make their snow angels too! What fun!! Our little girl is growing up so fast!

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Emma with Flu for a week, getting so good at Wii, Little, not Yittle, Wisconsin not consin

Emma was home sick all week and it was rough. It is times like these that I can really understand how much I appreciate the free time, little as it is, that I have when she is in preschool. She kept me busy and handled it really well. She watched TV, played with her dolls &  played her Wii. She is really getting very good at the Wii and I am impressed! Emma recently changed the way she says a couple words. Gone are the cute ways that she said them…She no longer says Yiddle but says little and she no longer calls Wisconsin Consin. So cute to see her growing up! …Read more […..]

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