October 2008

Trick or Treat! Halloween Party! New Friend Jack

Well, Halloween has always been a big holiday with me and I am pleased to say that I think it will be for Emma too. This year she got into it and enjoyed it very much. Emma was Tinkerbell and boy did she look cute! For the last 7 years I have put a fog machine in the bushes in front of our house so that I can scare/entertain the kids who come here trick-or-treating. This year we had unbelievable weather–it was 70 degrees and completely still. The fog that I made just lingered in front of our house and eventually the entire culdesac. It looked like a movie set. The kids who came here loved …Read more […..]

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Brushing Teeth/Washing Hands, “Loved Ones” Too Busy for Emma?! Halloween & Leaves!

Emma has been brushing her teeth by herself for quite a while now. It started out with her just eating the toothpaste because it tastes so good. It has evolved to where she really scrubs the bottom teeth–hasn’t perfected the top teeth yet. She has been encouraged by me stating that she needs to “get the germs off her teeth.” It seems that even though she doesn’t really know what germs are and hasn’t seen them she doesn’t want them on her. This works for her letting us wash her face and hands too. During the last month or so–after observing her cousins Chrissy & Megan– she has been standing …Read more […..]

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“My Feet are Dancing!”, “Don’t be Silly”, “The Baby is Older”, “Let me Touch Your Hair”, Friends!

We have exposed Emma to music since she was a little baby. Hmmmm, wonder if she will like ’80s music when she is older–ha….. I like to dance with her as often as possible. not only will she see her Daddy having fun dancing at his old age but she will get more practice and enjoy it even more. Sometimes, when the music is on and Emma is listening to it, she will say, “Look, my feet are dancing” and show me how her feet are bouncing to the beat. She loves to dance as it is lots of fun! Another funny saying that she has is “Don’t be silly.” She says this to both Mommy and I and just shows …Read more […..]

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