Emma’s Note to Mommy–Enjoy Every Moment

Emmas Note to Mommy 10-16-13This is a note that Emma left for Melissa yesterday. She was in her room yesterday and was quiet for awhile. Now, I know what she was doing. đŸ™‚ How cute is this? It is very touching to see how thoughtful she is and how much she loves her Mommy. The last 18 months has not only been rough on me but also on Emma. She has written more little notes and pictures like these to let Melissa know how much she loves her. With her Mommy traveling a lot(an understatement to say the least) during this time, Ema has acted out on occasion with Melissa. My personal feeling is that she is as frustrated as me with her Mom being out of town and that is why she has acted out more. Then, when she is alone, Emma thinks about how much she loves Melissa and misses her when she isn’t here and decides to write her feelings down.

Emma 9-1-13

It is times like these that are like a swift slap in the face about what is really important. It is a reminder to slow down on life and business, etc…. and pay attention to what is truly important. Our kids are only young once. How many people do you know that wish they could go back and spend more time with their kids? There is no other love that I have experienced as that of the love of my daughter. There are no do overs in life and it is extremely important to pay attention to our children.

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