Favorite New Movies, Some Firsts, Fireworks!

Emma has a few favorite, and I use this term loosely as she is addicted to them, new movies. The first is Finding Nemo. For about a week she wanted to watch it everyday and usually requested it 2 to 3 times a day! The second is Shrek the Third. She loves the little Shrek babies, the Spanish walking cat, and Hook, the pirate with the hook hand. The third, and recently the new addiction, is Cars. She loves the cars going fast and especially loves the train and trucks. Emma had some firsts recently. The first one was her first booboo. She fell down and got a good scrape on top of her foot. …Read more […..]

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2nd Bday Party! Happy! Look What I Can Do! Sick…:(

Emma turned 2 on March 27th! Her 2nd birthday was very nice even though Melissa and I were under the weather. We had a pretty good turnout for the party. Melissa’s entire family, both sides, showed up as they usually do. 1 Cousin and 2 aunts could not make it. Even her 2 grandmothers, one 88 and virtually deaf and hardly able to walk, and the other 96 and suffering from Alzheimers made it. They are true to their family and it is admirable. My parents, 2 sisters and families, and some members of my “new” family came. My “new” family is also very true to their family! They …Read more […..]

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Mom Out of Town,Ready, Go! Hello, Bye! Dancing Queen, Write to Blog?

Melissa is out of town and Emma finally went to sleep. A looooong day indeed! Am I the only spouse who absolutely hates when the other spouse goes out of town for work?? Emma likes to say, “Ready….go!” Nonnie taught her this and it is very cute! She also likes to pick up her play telephone and say, “Hello” and when I repeat it she then says, “Bye” and hangs up. Too funny!! Her dancing is getting faster now. She spins round and round and round at an even faster pace. I can’t keep up with her for very long as I get dizzy. Nonnie can’t either. LOL. [bubblecast id=292837 thumbnail=375×275 …Read more […..]

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