Puppy! Mana, Shoes, Mall, Diaper Changing

This past weekend we went to Emma’s “new” relatives for an early Easter and a birthday party. Emma received big Easter baskets filled with goodies. She also got to play with the tiny little dog that was there! She loves puppies and this little dog was no exception. It is smaller than her cats and wags its tail extremely fast! The only thing that she didn’t get was that this little dog did not like her and wanted to bite her. She got a kick out of the fact that it tried to bite her cheek and her feet. Even 4 days later when I ask her what she did at the party she laughs and says “puppy, …Read more […..]

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I Can Do It, My Mommie! Mini Waffles, Poppy

Today, Emma turned 2. Where did the time go? Seems like yesterday she was not able to crawl or walk but was scooching around on her but–and boy could she scooch! She got a giant happy face balloon and a giant number 2 balloon. She loves her boons! And, the best was yet to come after dinner. The chocolate(Hatten) cupcakes with the white frosting were the perfect treat for a little princess. She made quite a mess. Whoever coined the term “terrible twos” knew what they were talking about. The little stinker is truly an independent thinker. She wants to do things by herself now and lets us know …Read more […..]

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Mommy out of town, Nooooo, Hi-chair?

Whenever Melissa goes out of town I feel a pressure and anxiety that everything is  on me now. Emma is a great little girl and is an angel but whenever I hear her call for Momma when she is not here it breaks my heart. I can usually change the subject or distract her but sometimes at night time she really wants her Momma. I’m sure that this happens often to Dads and even Moms. Am I the only one that hates the fact that my spouse travels out of town? Emma has discovered the word “No.” We are in trouble now….. Today, she was playing with her duckie> and pinkie bear and telling …Read more […..]

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