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WISCONSIN: Baby dead in day-care van

Need I Say More?? Although the vast majority of daycare agencies are trustworthy, you never really know the person who you place your child with. MILWAUKEE — A 4-month-old boy was found dead in a day-care center’s van Thursday and its driver was arrested, police said. The baby may have been left in the Bumble Bee Day Care Center van for about four hours before he was found Thursday afternoon, police spokeswoman Anne Schwartz said. How the baby died was not immediately known; the temperature in the area was in the 50s at the time. Schwartz says the van’s 44-year-old driver was arrested …Read more […..]


Relief is Here! Nap By Myself, B-day Party! Sneaking Bubble Gum, Why? Potty Power! Hex Girls, Holding a 3Yr Old Accountable??

It has been awhile but it has been busy around here… Emma had a new pal for the last couple weeks and I had a “vacation” during this time. Nonnie, my Mom, came and stayed with us. Boy, did Emma enjoy having her here…. Emma got to play dolls(with someone other than me all day), jump in her bouncy toy, play outside(a day or 2 since weather was bad), color, and run Nonnie ragged…..  She got to take naps with her, and even took a nap all by herself a day or two–good one nonnie! She was proud and bragged about how she took a nap “all by myself!” Nonnie got Emma back on track …Read more […..]