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Interesting Stay at Home Dad Statistics

Years 1988 to 1993 Fathers providing care (In Thousands) As primary provider of care: (Year 1993)1,915 or 12.9%,   (1991)2,032 or 13.9%,    (1988)1,688 or 11.8% Year 2004 105,000 Estimated number of “stay-at-home” dads. These are married fathers with children under 15 who are not in the labor force primarily so they can care for family members while their wives work outside the home. Stay-at-home dads care for 189,000 children. <> 2 million Number of preschoolers …Read more […..]

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Sick, Help!!! Mama’s Shoes, Potty Chairs!

For those of you that have regular assistance with the care of your child, count your blessings! Do not take that for granted. For the week following Emma’s birthday party this Stay at Home Dad had the Flu/Walking Pneumonia. Taking care of a 2 year old under these conditions is, well, a monumental challenge, at least for me! For the last two years I wondered what I would do if I got sick and had to take care of Emma. Since I used to get sick every October and March like clockwork this was on my mind during those times of year. Emma’s hemangioma trained us to wash our hands constantly since the …Read more […..]

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