Great Grandmother

The Great American Role Reversal?

Emma & Nona(Her Great-Grandmother) in 2008 Good article about the changing roles men and women are going through–or have been going through for quite some time. Women as breadwinners: The great American role reversal? By Michelle Goodman NWjobs Speaking of households being turned upside down, you probably saw Sunday’s NWjobs article about men being laid off at a far more rapid rate than women. As Patrick May of the San Jose Mercury News reports, in an increasing number of households, women are being thrust into the role of main breadwinner and laid-off men are stepping into …Read more […..]

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Mommy out of town, Nooooo, Hi-chair?

Whenever Melissa goes out of town I feel a pressure and anxiety that everything is  on me now. Emma is a great little girl and is an angel but whenever I hear her call for Momma when she is not here it breaks my heart. I can usually change the subject or distract her but sometimes at night time she really wants her Momma. I’m sure that this happens often to Dads and even Moms. Am I the only one that hates the fact that my spouse travels out of town? Emma has discovered the word “No.” We are in trouble now….. Today, she was playing with her duckie> and pinkie bear and telling …Read more […..]

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