Stay At Home Moms

Return of the Stay-at-Home Parents

I will note that although the title says Stay-at-Home Parents the article primarily talks about women and Stay-at-Home Moms. It seems the double standard is alive and well…. Employers are embracing parents who took a stay-at-home detour. By Chris Penttila   |   Entrepreneur Magazine – April 2009 For decades, leaving a job to raise kids meant kissing your career goodbye. Now, employers are embracing employees who took a parenting detour. Goldman Sachs launched a “returnship” program last September–the first of its kind–that lets women return to explore a new field for eight …Read more […..]

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Stay-at-home Dads – Return To Work Not Easy

Men can face societal sanctions if they chose to be full-time caregivers By Eve Tahmincioglu, contributor I recently wrote about how stay-at-home moms may be committing career hara-kiri if they take too much time off from work to raise kids and do nothing to update their skills. But it appears men who make the decision to become stay-at-home dads may be in even more career hot water. Men have the added problem of trying to return to work in a society that just doesn’t get why they made the decision to leave a budding career in the first place. Even though women face …Read more […..]

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