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Christmas Singing! Christmas Play, Emma as “Mary”,First Trip to Dentist, Addicted to Wii

Emma’s preschool class had their Christmas presentation for us parents and did they do a great job! Besides the Christmas show the class had a Christmas play for the class parents. Emma had the honor of being Mary. How cute!! This school does such a good job! This was a short show for us parents in the daytime. As the others, it was really cool! Emma had her first trip to the dentist which resulted in her watching Mom getting her teeth cleaned and a short look into Emma’s mouth. It was really to get her used to the atmosphere so that in the future she wouldn’t be …Read more […..]


School Field Trips, Best Friend Avery, Reading Books to Herself

Emma experienced her preschool field trip and had fun! As you can see she was excited to go on the school bus as they were getting ready to leave. Of course, I had a bit of apprehension with her being out of my control and in other peoples’. This is something I will constantly struggle with as most parents probably do. Emma has gotten close to a classmate who has been a classmate for 2 years. She loves to play with Avery and they seem to be best friends. When I pick Emma up, however, they goof off a bit and I have to remind Emma to behave. Little stinker… Emma has gotten into a good …Read more […..]


Mrs Kushmann called to compliment Emm’s singing, Too cold for the boys

A funny thing happened recently. Emma’s preschool teacher called the house because she had to tell me how much she enjoys Emma’s singing. The kids are practicing a Christmas show and Emmas voice is so noticeable and she sings with lots of force! The way that she was describing this and laughing was too cool! She told me that she had to tell us how much she appreciates Emma’s singing! Awww!! The weather has turned and even though Emma and I go outside a lot still the boys down the street are no longer coming out to play…:( Emma told me that “It is too cold for the boys.” Well, not too cold …Read more […..]