School Field Trips, Best Friend Avery, Reading Books to Herself

Emma experienced her preschool field trip and had fun! As you can see she was excited to go on the school bus as they were getting ready to leave. Of course, I had a bit of apprehension with her being out of my control and in other peoples’. This is something I will constantly struggle with as most parents probably do.
Emma has gotten close to a classmate who has been a classmate for 2 years. She loves to play with Avery and they seem to be best friends. When I pick Emma up, however, they goof off a bit and I have to remind Emma to behave. Little stinker…
Emma has gotten into a good habit lately. She sits in her room with her books and, although she cant read yet, she looks through the pages and reads a story to herself out loud. I assume she is looking at the pictures and making up a story as she goes along. It is very cute!!
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