March 2009

Return of the Stay-at-Home Parents

I will note that although the title says Stay-at-Home Parents the article primarily talks about women and Stay-at-Home Moms. It seems the double standard is alive and well…. Employers are embracing parents who took a stay-at-home detour. By Chris Penttila   |   Entrepreneur Magazine – April 2009 For decades, leaving a job to raise kids meant kissing your career goodbye. Now, employers are embracing employees who took a parenting detour. Goldman Sachs launched a “returnship” program last September–the first of its kind–that lets women return to explore a new field for eight …Read more […..]

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The Great American Role Reversal?

Emma & Nona(Her Great-Grandmother) in 2008 Good article about the changing roles men and women are going through–or have been going through for quite some time. Women as breadwinners: The great American role reversal? By Michelle Goodman NWjobs Speaking of households being turned upside down, you probably saw Sunday’s NWjobs article about men being laid off at a far more rapid rate than women. As Patrick May of the San Jose Mercury News reports, in an increasing number of households, women are being thrust into the role of main breadwinner and laid-off men are stepping into …Read more […..]

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Bad Dream,Uncle Jeff & Aunt Joe, Scooby Doo! Name & Address, Potty Power! Favorite Dolls!

The other morning Emma woke up upset. The first thing she said was, “Mommy ate my apple and was mad!” Well, it turns out that she had a bad dream where Mommy ate her apple and was mad. LOL Her first documented(By her) bad dream. Emma had the exciting privilege of having a couple of her favorite visitors come stay with us. When she got up I told her that she was having surprise visitors coming to see her. When I told her that they were here and opened the door so she could see them exiting their car she saw Uncle Jeff and went crazy! She started jumping up and down and yelling through the door …Read more […..]

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