Bad Dream,Uncle Jeff & Aunt Joe, Scooby Doo! Name & Address, Potty Power! Favorite Dolls!

The other morning Emma woke up upset. The first thing she said was, “Mommy ate my apple and was mad!” Well, it turns out that she had a bad dream where Mommy ate her apple and was mad. LOL Her first documented(By her) bad dream.

Emma had the exciting privilege of having a couple of her favorite visitors come stay with us. When she got up I told her that she was having surprise visitors coming to see her. When I told her that they were here and opened the door so she could see them exiting their car she saw Uncle Jeff and went crazy! She started jumping up and down and yelling through the door at him. Needless to say she was very happy and excited.

It was very nice to have them here as I got a nice break while Emma was playing with Auntie Jo. And play with her she did. She kept Auntie Jo very busy indeed! They colored, played with her favorite dolls that I will mention shortly, and watched one of her favorite new shows, Tom & Jerry. Emma hated to see them go but at least this time she gave hugs and kisses to them. This broke her recent trend of not wanting to say goodbye(like that would prevent people from leaving) and then crying and saying she wants to give hugs and kisses once they got in car to leave. The next day she got up and called for Auntie Jo and Uncle Jeff.

Besides Tom & Jerry Emma has a new favorite show, Scooby Doo. Funny because when I was little, not this little though, Scooby Doo was my favorite. I watched the episodes with her and got to watch the exact same ones that I watched as a kid! It was pretty cool to go back down “memory lane” with her! Of course there are new Scooby Doos that are great too.

An important thing that you can teach your kids is their names and address. Well, I am happy to say that smarty pants Emma not only knows all of our first and last names but her street address too! We go over this everyday with her and tell her how important it is in case she ever gets lost and someone asks her what her name and address are. This is ongoing and eventually our telephone number will be added.

Emma went in the potty chair a long time ago but has since refused to do it again. The many books and magazines that I have read say that you should not force your child to do it so I haven’t. I may have gotten lax about it too! Last week was a different story. I bought her 2 DVDs that I researched and that had gotten great reviews. She really likes to watch them and they get her fired up! They are: Potty Power and Go Potty Go! After watching them and showing her the big M&Ms bag that I put over the bathroom sink as “bait” she volunteered to sit on the potty chair. She sat with her dollies that I will talk about in a minute and I sat next to her. I didn’t realize what a test of endurance I was in for. She obviously didn’t have to go so I kept having her drink her juice as we played dolls and I kept her occupied so she wouldn’t give up. Well, we were there for almost an hour and a half before she finally went pee in the potty chair. Yay! She got her reward and was very proud to say that she had Potty power! Whew! She went again the following day with no issues.

The 3rd day was different and she began freaking out for some reason when she knew she had to go. She was pacing all over the place and almost crying because I had taken her diaper off and she was just in her pajama bottoms. When I felt that she would not go on the potty chair and was about to burst I put a diaper on her but she did not want to go in the diaper. Maybe she thought it was bad to go in the diaper but I insisted that it was OK since she was dancing all over the place and freaking out. She finally went and felt much better–you know the feeling. Well, we will have to continue to work on this so that she always has Potty Power!

Emma has been into princesses for awhile now and has been playing with 4 dolls constantly. She carries these dolls everywhere and brings them in the bathtub with her. The dolls are, in order of preference, Jasmine, Ariel, Naked Ariel(different version of Ariel doll whose clothes she insists on keeping off), and Purple Lady(a purple ballerina doll.) She likes to bring them with when we visit her other little cousins but is paranoid that they will take them. On the last visit we made to Melissa’s Aunt and Uncle’s Emma left the dolls in the car so that her cousins Lindsey, Megan and Chrissy wouldn’t get them. Too funny!

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