August 2009

Ice Age 3d, Give me my Privacy, Pretty Dresses & Pretty Shoes

Well, Emma saw her first 3d movie and it was cool! For a few days before we went I drilled into her head the idea of wearing glasses so she could see the movie. Being a fan of the previous two Ice Age movies, she listened and told me she would wear the glasses. She kept her word! Melissa and I had fun too as I hadn’t been to a 3d movie for over twenty years. Emma has started to tell us “Give me my privacy” now while she is going to the bathroom. LOL She has always not been shy but after hearing Mommy & Daddy tell her to give us our privacy she has caught on…. Emma loves to try on her …Read more […..]

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Family Night at the Zoo, The Boys’ Birthday Party, Indiana @ Mary’s, Preschool Teacher Visits,1st Backpack

A recent weekend proved to be extremely busy and fun for Emma. The following is a summary.. Friday was Family Night at the Brookfield Zoo was a good time despite the rain! Emma, and Melissa and I for that matter, were entertained by the lions who were actually playing! A benefit of going to the Zoo in the evening is that the animals are wide awake and very active. The lions looked like kittens running around and playing. They actually looked like they were having fun! Emma sure had fun this year too! She was going up to all the kids, most of time they were older girls, and dancing in front of …Read more […..]

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