Family Night at the Zoo, The Boys’ Birthday Party, Indiana @ Mary’s, Preschool Teacher Visits,1st Backpack

A recent weekend proved to be extremely busy and fun for Emma. The following is a summary..
Friday was Family Night at the Brookfield Zoo was a good time despite the rain! Emma, and Melissa and I for that matter, were entertained by the lions who were actually playing! A benefit of going to the Zoo in the evening is that the animals are wide awake and very active. The lions looked like kittens running around and playing. They actually looked like they were having fun!
Emma sure had fun this year too! She was going up to all the kids, most of time they were older girls, and dancing in front of and with them. It was hilarious as Emma would just walk up to 2 older girls and show them her light up zoo toys and then dance in front of them. She was definitely a ham!

Saturday was, first, a birthday party for us to bring Emma to. It was the twins’ birthday party and Emma got to see Melissa’s Uncle Fred, Aunt Nancy, G-ma, and Cousin Kevin. Emma really likes them all and gave hugs to all but Kevin who just picked her up and gave her one! There were kids there playing in the really giant inflated bouncy toy but most of them were boys and Emma mostly approaches girls only. Emma did, however, want to play with the Green Lady–a woman there that was dressed in green. Funny how she calls people by the color of their clothes if she doesn’t know their namepink girl, blue boy, etc…)

After the birthday party we headed to Indiana for a sleepover party at Aunt Mary’s. It was a relatively long day already and Emma didn’t fall asleep until we were more than halfway there. We got there at nighttime but Emma woke up fast when she saw her cousins and Aunt Mary.
It was a fun night with Emma not falling asleep until about 1:45 am! We kept hearing her waking up and crying with Melissa in there with her up until that time.

It was a fun night with Lemoncello and Tequila shots as well as bean bag toss games outside in the drizzly rain. The relatives that were there were Cousins(my cousins) Dominic, Mary, Kristina and husband Sal, Mike and wife Sarah, Aunt Mary and Uncle Joe.
The next day, Sunday, we had a big breakfast then went outside to ride around on the dune buggies! Emma loved riding on them and I think that since she loves playing with cars and now riding on dune buggies she may be a future auto racer! 🙂 It was definitely a fun and busy weekend!

Emma will be starting preschool very soon and part of the schools process involves the teacher actually coming to the house to meet her a few weeks before school actually starts. Well, Mrs Kuschman came to the house recently–after we hyped her coming to the house to Emma getting her excited for a week prior. She came in and said Hi to us then went into the living room with Emma and showed her some things, talked to her, and read her a story. It was hilarious to us to watch Emma talking to her and being such a big girl! It is weird to see her this way as I still feel like she is still our baby–not this big girl!It went well and Emma got her symbol(her Red Schoolhouse cutout that will also be posted at her coat hanger and cubby at school.

In preparation for her preschool start we went to the store to get her a backpack. Well she picked out a pretty pink Princess backpack that fits her size perfectly! It will fit all of her cool things from school! I still can’t believe it!!!

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