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Rub My Back/Belly, Nonnie Here!, Thanks Nonnie for the New Word, I Want My Mommy, Icky Witch/Mean Old Lady, Halloween Store!

Emma has this new thing where she likes when I rub her back and/or her belly when bringing her for a nap or for bedtime when Mommie isn’t home. She makes sure that I know that she wants me to do so by saying, “Daddy rub my back” or “Daddy rub my belly.” This is a great thing because it cuts down the time it takes for her to fall asleep-the anti-sleeper that she is! Well, Nonnie has come to stay here for awhile and Emma–and I–love it! Emma gets a new playmate for awhile and I get a bit of freedom too! A bad thing that came of Nonnie being here is the new bad word that Emma learned from her! …Read more […..]