Rub My Back/Belly, Nonnie Here!, Thanks Nonnie for the New Word, I Want My Mommy, Icky Witch/Mean Old Lady, Halloween Store!

Emma has this new thing where she likes when I rub her back and/or her belly when bringing her for a nap or for bedtime when Mommie isn’t home. She makes sure that I know that she wants me to do so by saying, “Daddy rub my back” or “Daddy rub my belly.” This is a great thing because it cuts down the time it takes for her to fall asleep-the anti-sleeper that she is!

Well, Nonnie has come to stay here for awhile and Emma–and I–love it! Emma gets a new playmate for awhile and I get a bit of freedom too!

A bad thing that came of Nonnie being here is the new bad word that Emma learned from her! Nonnie accidentally spilled something and spontaneously uttered, “Oh Sh*t!” Well, it only took a few minutes before Emma said that same phrase! LOL It was funny to hear that come from her little mouth but it was also a bit disturbing. Obviously, I told Nonnie how I felt about her being the first–and obviously not the last– person to teach Emma a bad word.

Melissa was out of town a couple nights and it was, as usual a bit stressful for Emma and I. Unlike when she was a baby and just cried and cried, Emma cries and says, “I want my Mommy!” Well, it sucks when this happens and it is the price we pay for the job Melissa has……Just remember, the grass is always greener on the other side!

Emma loves to watch Snow White, Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty and Enchanted but both likes and dislikes the “Mean Old Lady” and “The Icky Witch!” She often talks about them after watching the movies that have them but still wants to watch them even more! It is very funny!

Besides the mean old lady and the icky witch, another way to get Emma going is to take her to The Halloween Store! Nonnie and I took her to the Halloween stores in the area and Emma really was intrigued by the motorized monsters, especially the cackling witch that stirs her pot! Some other customers got a kick out of watching her go up to the witch and step on the button to activate it then walk backwards…over and over…. She is like her daddy with her love(and fear) of being scared! BOO!

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