May 2010

Preschool Graduation! Mommy is home….Guilt over my short fuse & anxiety

Well, our little Emma has had her 1st graduation! Oh, how time does fly!! 🙂 It seems like I was nervously just dropping her off on her 1st day of preschool and now the year is over. I am so proud of her and how well she is doing. She was very proud of herself too. She was excited–I am sure she didn’t understand what graduation really meant or that she wouldn’t see her friends for a long time and that she will be stuck with her Daddy all summer—but she was excited! There was a very nice ceremony and the kids sang some of their songs. It lasted longer than I thought it would and …Read more […..]

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Black Dolphin, Knock Knock-Its a Pleasure To Meet You, Is Mommy Coming Home?

One of Emma’s favorite new toys is something that Melissa brought home from her loooong trip to Orlando for her work convention. Did I say long? More on that later…. Anyway, She brought Emma a killer whale stuffed animal that Emma named “Black Dolphin.” It is just way too funny how she comes up with things on her own! Speaking of things she came up with….She likes to play the “Knock Knock” game. So, I say “Knock Knock” and knock on the closed door that she is behind and she says “Who’s there?” and I reply with whatever goofy name I can come up with or maybe even “Daddy” at which time she …Read more […..]

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