Preschool Graduation! Mommy is home….Guilt over my short fuse & anxiety

Well, our little Emma has had her 1st graduation! Oh, how time does fly!! 🙂 It seems like I was nervously just dropping her off on her 1st day of preschool and now the year is over. I am so proud of her and how well she is doing. She was very proud of herself too. She was excited–I am sure she didn’t understand what graduation really meant or that she wouldn’t see her friends for a long time and that she will be stuck with her Daddy all summer—but she was excited!

There was a very nice ceremony and the kids sang some of their songs. It lasted longer than I thought it would and it got comical as the kids began getting restless. Emma was sitting between two boys who were really restless and she was laughing at them.

The pastor said some nice words and I couldn’t help feeling that this was exactly where Emma needed to go to preschool. The integration of God and school is quite literally the most important thing there is. With so many parents rushing their children into the very “best” or prestigious preschools so that they can brag or “one up” the other parents, they miss out on what is truly important. They do so in the hopes that their child may one day be the most famous doctor or physicist or whatever else they deem important. Sad state of affairs if you ask me. 😉

Ok, another trip for Mommy is finally over. This is getting really stressful and I find myself questioning whether it(the good job) is even worth it at times. Emma now understands what it means when Mommy is out of town for work and she is able to articulate her feelings. She gets very sad and cries and sobs at night saying that, “I want my Mommy.” Very, very stressful. How do other parents deal with it? Maybe I am wrong but I doubt that many kids cry like this for their Dads when they are out of town. Anyway, Emma is always very happy when Mommy is back home–as am I.

As I stated earlier, the stress of Mommy’s trips has not only taken its toll on Emma but me too. My fuse is extremely short and i find myself feeling guilty because I tend to have much less patience with Emma. The lion in a cage feeling has really been strong lately and anxiety has set in. I now can almost understand how and why some people can become alcoholics. It is not a good feeling and I wonder what the future may hold regarding this issue.

On a happier note, I am including pictures from Emma’s big graduation day! Yaaaayyy!

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