June 2012

Almost Drowned on Memorial Day Weekend?! Looong Drives, Finished With Kindergarten!

I have always tried to keep an eagle’s eye watch on Emma and have recommended that other’s do the same. Well, we experienced the It Can Happen In An Instant dilemma on Memorial Day Weekend! Lucky for us, it turned out Ok with a lesson well learned for all of us. I was working on the pier section in front of the pontoon boat and Emma was swimming with her older cousin Tay on the other side of the main pier, about 10 feet away. Melissa was outside watching them when I called to her to help keep the boat from ramming into me due to the wavy water that day. Melissa held the boat for me while I tightened …Read more […..]

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Protected: May 2012, Rough One!

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

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