Almost Drowned on Memorial Day Weekend?! Looong Drives, Finished With Kindergarten!

I have always tried to keep an eagle’s eye watch on Emma and have recommended that other’s do the same. Well, we experienced the It Can Happen In An Instant dilemma on Memorial Day Weekend! Lucky for us, it turned out Ok with a lesson well learned for all of us.

I was working on the pier section in front of the pontoon boat and Emma was swimming with her older cousin Tay on the other side of the main pier, about 10 feet away. Melissa was outside watching them when I called to her to help keep the boat from ramming into me due to the wavy water that day. Melissa held the boat for me while I tightened 2 bolts. Suddenly Melissa ran over to where the girls were swimming and pulled a very panicky Emma out of the water. It turns out that Tay had taken the pink tube that Emma was holding onto into deeper water and Emma somehow fell off of it and was in the process of drowning when Melissa heard something wrong. Emma threw up lots of water 2 times and proceeded to yell at Tay, blaming her for what happened.

It only took seconds for this to happen and luckily Melissa was alert to notice the situation. Tay, who is 9, is a good swimmer but froze as many kids would do. A lesson learned from this is that we have to be on watch constantly. We also will be finding someone to give Emma personal swim lessons!

We have 2 cats now that are almost a year old. They are very well behaved cats and very good at home. When they go in the car though….We have brought them to Wisconsin since they were little kittens. This year has been full of rough rides with these cats since they cry non stop for the whole ride there now! This was made worse for Emma and I the time because Melissa was not in the car with us for both the ride there and the ride back home(She is on temporary assignment and met us at the lake). Anyway, after the previous trips I called the Vet because I was really anxious about bringing the cats–Emma insisted we bring them and Melissa wanted me to too. The vet gave me some Xanax for cats to make them at ease. Well, let me tell you–never give this to your cats! The ride there was total misery. After getting 1/2 hr away from home I was thinking about turning back home to drop them off but since traffic was already heavy I kept going. The cats literally went nutso! Cinnamon cried and was biting the cage trying to get out for the first 2.5 hours of the drive while Boysia was relatively quiet. The last hour of the drive was Boysia’s turn to get in on the action and he was crying hysterically. It sucked bad!

The ride home I gave them the herbal stuff that I bought the last trip and it helped a bit more but the ride home was still very stressful. We called the vet and she said that sometimes cats have this opposite effect..Whoa, it had to be ours! Next time she will give us a sedative that will make them sleep. I will believe it when I see it!

Boy does time fly! It seems like yesterday that we were stressing about where to send Emma for Kindergarten and now the year is over! Its crazy! We made the right decision for Emma to go to the public school as opposed to the private one.It was a great school year. Emma had a good class and really loves her teacher. She did very well in school and is looking forward to 1st grade! The class even made me a Thank You booklet for being the teacher’s parent helper this year. Awwww.

We were offered the option to have Emma’s teacher again next year where she will be part-time with another teacher in a job sharing deal.  Her new teacher will be there Mon-Wed and her last teacher will be there Wed-Fri. The majority of Emma’s class selected this as well as us. Emma will be in the same class with her BFF Avery for a 4th straight year! Cya in 1st Grade!



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