6 years old! Skip-Dancing Daddy!

Well, another year has passed and our little girl is now 6 years old! Wow! Where did the time go?!? I can’t believe that 6 years has went by so fast! Our little girl is growing up too fast! She is getting so smart and learning so much in kindergarten that I can hardly believe it! To celebrate her birthday, Emma was able to have 3 small parties. First, Emma had a Princess Party with her cousins and friends where the girls were dressed up like princesses and had lots of fun!

Emma also had a small party at Nonnie and Poppie’s in Wisconsin. As is par for the course, Emma didn’t want everyone looking at her when we sang Happy Birthday. I think she is like her Stay at Home Dad in that she likes attention from individuals or very small groups when she wants it but doesn’t like all the attention from groups larger than a few people or so. I wonder if this will change as time progresses.

Emma had a 3rd party for immediate family members at the Bacci Pizza. We enjoyed lots of great food and the company of loving family members! Emma had fun too!
Our gift to Emma for her birthday was a trampoline which she loves! She has went on it almost everyday since she got it. It is great exercise too!
Emma likes to wear Nonnie’s glasses while she “works” on the computer! LOL
A new behavior that has come about is one that is a bit comical. After picking up Emma one day she told me that she saw me walking away in the morning from her classroom after I had picked her up. I thought it would be funny if the next day I gave her something to see as she watched me walking back to the car. So, the next day I told her to watch for me and then proceeded to do some skipping and spinning, flapping of my arms like a bird, and any other obnoxious moves I could think of. When I was finished I noticed the crossing guard lady and a few other parents that were talking to her looking my way and talking about me. I started laughing and when I got to their area explained why I was doing what I was doing. They thought it was great and even said that we should all start dancing next time. Ha! I have done this the last few days and Emma says that she has seen me doing it! I can only wonder if any other adults in the school have seen me through their windows….
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