The Baby Puked, Meera, Potty with Gianna, Kathy Kathy, Popstickle, Memorizing Max & Ruby Song

Emma likes taking baths with her dollies. For awhile she would bring them in with their clothes still on but after awhile we took the clothes off beforehand as the princess dresses are too nice to get ruined. Anyway, she has a big doll that we just call baby. Baby is a doll that has an open mouth and bottom that will drink from a bottle and go pee. Baby took a bath with Emma and I thought it would be funny–and I was right– to pick the doll up and squeeze it. When Emma saw the water coming out of its mouth and bottom she got excited and proclaimed, “The baby is going pee and it puked!” Too funny!!!

For a recent party Emma had a blast as usual. Playing with her little cousins, her big cousins, aunts, uncles, G-ma, etc….. She loves to play with Melissa’s cousin-in-law Maria, the photographer who does excellent work–see Emma just started calling her Meera which we find adorable.

We went to Emma’s auntie Lena’s house for a party recently. It is so nice to be able to go there and not worry about Emma as she has many people to play with and keep her busy. She is the youngest and hangs out with the younger girls as well as the older ones. It is hilarious to watch her showing them all her dolls and telling them their names. Her newest trick is to go potty with Gianna. Since she is too little to go on a regular toilet she needs someone to assist her from falling in or out. Well, for the night she was assisted by Gianna. Ahhh to have some assistance……

Another nice surprise was when Auntie Kathy called to say that she was off and would be able to watch Emma for a couple hours. Well, I jumped on that one and dropped Emma off while I went to the Health Club. Emma got to play with her cousin Shannon and her aunt “Katty Katty” for a couple hours. They walked to the park where Emma got to show them how she slides on the slide and runs in the sand…. It was a welcome break for me let me tell you…..

Emma has developed a liking for popscicles. Not the kind in plastic tubes but the kind on sticks. We get the fruit juice kind and the point of this is the way she says the word. She calls them Popsticles. Cute!

Emma’s favorite show at the moment is Max & Ruby. It is a cute cartoon about the exploits of a bunny named Max and his sister named Ruby. The show has nice jingles in their shows and Emma has memorized one. It caught me off guard when one day she went through the entire jingle. I knew it sounded familiar but couldn’t place it until Melissa reminded me. I could not believe that she memorized the whole jingle as even after this I have watched the show with her and I still haven’t gotten it memorized. What a little smarty!!

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