I Can Do It, My Mommie! Mini Waffles, Poppy

Today, Emma turned 2. Where did the time go? Seems like yesterday she was not able to crawl or walk but was scooching around on her but–and boy could she scooch! She got a giant happy face balloon and a giant number 2 balloon. She loves her boons! And, the best was yet to come after dinner. The chocolate(Hatten) cupcakes with the white frosting were the perfect treat for a little princess. She made quite a mess. Whoever coined the term “terrible twos” knew what they were talking about. The little stinker is truly an independent thinker. She wants to do things by herself now and lets us know …Read more […..]

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Colors, Delivery Guy, First Days Home

The colors of the day are Purple, Emma’s favorite, and Yellow which she said for the first time today. The last couple days have been “purple” days… She knows several colors, purple, blue(boo), and now yellow. Her favorite toys are her purple bear and purple fish, both of them she calls bu “purple.” While going to bed she showed Melissa one of the 2 beanie baby cats she was holding and said, “yellow.” Moments like this, seemingly so small to lots of people, are the ones that I treasure and will never forget. We had a Peapod(grocery) delivery tonight. When we told Emma that there …Read more […..]

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