TV Commercials

TV Commercial Filming Trip, You’re Not Going Away, Emma’s 1st Sleepover

A week after getting back from Disney World we went to Los Angeles. It was something we could not pass up–at least I couldn’t. Since my days as a child model for Spiegel, Sears, and others, I have had an itch to do something like that again. Last year, both Melissa and I were in a Sleep Number Bed commercial. A few weeks ago they contacted us and said that everyone remembers us and that they would like to fly us to California to shoot an infomercial. Well, we jumped at the chance… Emma & Walter (Foo-Foo) To be treated like a celebrity for a day was quite the experience. When we …Read more […..]

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Our TV Commercials

A few years ago, after much procrastinating, we purchased a Sleep Number Bed. To make a long story short, I have some back issues and could not sleep on our regular beds. I tried everything possible but always was in pain while sleeping and didn’t sleep well, etc…. We purchased the bed during Melissa’s pregnancy with Emma. It not only helped this soon to be stay at home dad but it helped her too. I registered the bed online and after about a year was contacted by the maker of the bed, Select Comfort, who asked how I liked it. I gave my story and was contacted a short time later. They asked …Read more […..]

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