Playing in the snow!

Let it snow!!!! Gone are the days when Emma was scared of the snow and would not want to walk in it! Now, she loves to go outside and walk in it and pick it up and throw it. Emma and I had fun putting on her snow pants and cool new snow boots in preparation for our venture into the white stuff. When we went outside she enjoyed making snow angels and trying to make snow blocks with the new snow block makers that we bought. Unfortunately, the snow was too fluffy to pack but it was still fun to try! It is times like these that this stay at home dad really appreciates the winter and the change …Read more […..]

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I can swing! Missing Nona, School is all done, Now what?

More soon….

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The New Face of Fatherhood, Mama’s Home,Helicopter!

I was reading the June issue of PARENTS magazine and came across a very interesting article titled The New Face of Fatherhood It is a great article describing the 21st-century father, a guy who proudly wears spit-up on his shoulder as a battle scar, not an embarrassing stain. The article describes how today’s father is much more involved with the care and activities of his children, especially when compared to the fathers of 30 years ago. Though their numbers are small, more guys than ever are scaling back on work or quitting altogether to help raise a family. The fathers of 30 years ago spent …Read more […..]

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