Daddy, We Had a Good Day…

Melissa was out of town for a day recently. Emma and I kept ourselves busy after school. Among other things, we danced–We took turns dancing to music from the Ipad(Emma loves the Ipad and plays many games on it). One of us would dance while the other watched and clapped afterwards. Emma loves to watch her Stay at home Daddy dance!!! After that we played Wii. We played the Disney Princess game as well as the Mario Winter Olympics. We had dinner and then settled down for the evening before bed.

The main reason for this post is because while I was reading Emma a book in bed, she looked at me and stated, “Daddy, we had a good day. We daaaaaanced and we played wiiiiiii.” She stretched those 2 words out. It was something that I need to document as this is one of those tender moments that a parent will cherish. It was a great day and she gave me a gift by this statement. It is stressful enough when Melissa is out of town and this really made my day!

We daaaaanced and we played wiiiiiii……..

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