Emma’s New Mustang! Stye on her Eye! Avery has a TV in her room-Can I have one in my room?

Emma received her own car for her 5th Birthday! Her aunts Lina and Mary bought her a new Barbie Mustang Powerwheels car! She really likes it and is becoming quite the driver! I like it too because it keeps her busy for a while although I am always on the watch making sure no cars are coming on the streets near our cul de sac as she zooms in a big circle around our driveway and part of the street.

I still have to drill into her head the importance of always looking both ways before entering the street since we still have a bunch of cars coming down our small dead end street and making u turns–some fast–to get out. I have termed these cars “cutters” and Emma calls them that too. I called the city and they put up additional no outlet signage off the main road and it has cut down the number of cutters but there are many morons who evidently cant read….

Emma recently developed a big bump on her top eyelid that looked lots like a big pimple. It started to impede her vision a bit and made her look funny so we took her to the Doctor who told us it was a stye. We received some ointment to put on it and was told it would go away in a week or 2. Well, being the mistrustful person I am, I went online and researched styes and learned all about them. I read that they could take weeks or even months to go away. Well, in this experience, it indeed took months to go away completely. It was a very slow process but at least it went down to a manageable size in about a week.

Emma recently stated that her friend “Avery has a TV in her room, can I have one in mine?” I knew this would be coming sooner or later. We told her no but maybe when you are a bigger girl. She really didn’t question us as to what a bigger girl was so that is a great thing, until the next time.

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