Eye Dr Appt and Dentist Appt.

Emma has always been reluctant to warm up to strangers rapidly, unless they are younger, big girls. So, when we made appointments to see the dentist and the eye doctor for the first real exams that she would have, I was apprehensive.

The dentist was relatively easy for me since I was in for a cleaning and was already being attended to when Emma and Melissa went into the room next to me. I heard everything that went on on Emma sure gave the hygenist a run for her money. Boy, was this woman patient! Emma would start to let her work and then stop her at the last minute. this bickering went back and forth until Melissa finally said that enough was enough….At the last minute, however, Emma stated that she would do it! From that point on, she let the exam/ cleaning proceed until the end! Yaaaay! When she received a new toothbrush afterwards, she was really proud!

Emma tends to not want to do something even though deep inside she really wants to complete the task to make herself proud. We need her to proceed a bit earlier so that less aggravation is experienced…Like the following…

We then went to the eye doctor so all of us could get examined. I went first so Emma could watch how easy it was. The doctor was a really cool hippie type guy who was fun and not the typical doctor looking guy. When it was Emma’s turn she pulled her act and after lots of back and forth and even some tear on her part, Melissa decided to go next. I tried to get Emma pumped up to do her exam but when the time came….nothing but complaining and disrupting the office and people waiting. As we were paying for our exams, Emma got mad at me and wanted me to go outside so she could go with Mommy and do the exam. I gladly went to the peace of the car and after 15 minutes they both came out smiling…. Emma even had a lolipop… Boy, was she proud to have done the exam. And, boy do I hope the next time is easier!!

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