Lala, Hook, No Water!, New Phrases

The cutie pie has started to like the riding cars at the mall. She has graduated from the merry go round to the big kid toys.

Emma’s cousin Lauren (Lala) is here from Florida and has been staying with us for a week. Emma has gotten used to waking Lala up in the morning and now requests to do so. When Lala goes home it will be a change for Emma.

We went to Navy Pier and Emma enjoyed people watching and the water. She liked looking at the buildings, boats, and was especially interested in the pirate statues. There is a pirate in the movie Shrek that Emma is interested in. The pirate at Navy pier looked the same and had a hook. When Emma saw hook she watched it intensely. But when I asked if she wanted to go by hook she ran to me and said, “No!”

We spent last weekend up in Wisconsin. Emma has suddenly decided that she does not like to go in the water. She would sit on the pier and kick her feet in the water but wouldn’t go in, even though her cousins, Lala, KiKi(Kaylen), Shannon, and Taylor were all in. She yelled, “No Water!” if we tried to get her to go in.

A couple new phrases that the stinker has said are:

“Stop it” Says this often lately…lol

“Stop eating Emma’s ketchup” She said this to me!

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