Swim Lessons, New Words/Phrases

Emma has been going to swim lessons at the park district with Melissa. There were a couple occasions when i had to fill in . A memorable one was her 2nd class when I was told that Emma was mistakenly put in the wrong class the previous week. Well, the instructor for the new class was nowhere near as personable as the previous week’s instructor. Granted, these are teenage girls but this new one had a class(class is not a great description as there are only 4-5 kids in each group) of all boys a tad bit older then Emma and this girl obviously had an affinity for little boys than little girls. Well, Emma picked up on this immediately and wanted to go home. After speaking to the previous instructor and the park district manager we had Emma go back into the previous class and all was good in the world again! This girl was a far cry from the other one and paid equal attention to all the kids. I enjoyed watching Emma during these classes, I am blessed to be able to experience so much with her. And, hopefully she will like the water more in Wisconsin next summer!

Some funny new sayings that Emma has blurted out–where she gets this stuff I have no idea– are as follows…

While we were playing outside in the street we both noticed a bad smell. The garbage men were there earlier in the day and I noticed a dirty stain on the road where the nasty liquid spilled from their truck. When I told Emma that the stuff was what was stinky she stated, “Lets go check it out.” Now this isn’t so profound but the way she said it was hilarious! It was also the first time I heard her say this.

Another one was when we saw something funny–exactly what escapes me–and she said. “Its is hilarious.” Again, first time I heard her say the word hilarious.

Last but not least is something she said to Melissa. When we were talking about the upcoming dinner she said to Melissa, “Mommy, I want to try a hamburger.” Funny again as we had pretty much given up on this little girl who would never try a hamburger. And we were not even talking about hamburger! Funny girl!


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