Favorite New Movies, Some Firsts, Fireworks!

Emma has a few favorite, and I use this term loosely as she is addicted to them, new movies.

The first is Finding Nemo. For about a week she wanted to watch it everyday and usually requested it 2 to 3 times a day!

The second is Shrek the Third. She loves the little Shrek babies, the Spanish walking cat, and Hook, the pirate with the hook hand.

The third, and recently the new addiction, is Cars. She loves the cars going fast and especially loves the train and trucks.

Emma had some firsts recently. The first one was her first booboo. She fell down and got a good scrape on top of her foot. As all kids usually do, she likes to brag about it and point it out to whoever will listen. We first put a Hello Kitty band-aid on it which she loved.

The second milestone and probably the most exciting for me, was her first use of the potty chair. While trying to get her to sleep–mostly getting myself to sleep in the process– she requested to go to the potty chair. I figured it was just a ploy to get out of her nap but brought her in the bathroom. She sat down on it as I sat down on the toilet next to her. She hesitated then stood up. I convinced her to sit back down and walked to the bathroom door to give her privacy. She got a concentrating look on her face for a few seconds then stood up and looked at something on the counter. I looked and saw that she went pee in the potty chair and excitedly pointed it out to her. She saw the yellow and became amazed and excited. Well, she bragged to Mommie later and showed her proudly–I left it for her to show Melissa.

Another first was watching the fireworks. We have a nice view from our house and watched from the bedroom window. She loved it and talked about it for the next 2 days!

Today we went to the zoo and met her aunt and cousins. She liked the Giraffes, Elephants, Bears playing in the water, Dolphins, and loved petting the goats and chasing the chickens in the children’s petting area. She walked lots and when we got home she went right to sleep as I put her down. Wish she would do that all the time!!!

Some new phrases she is using are, “Are you kidding me?” and “Oh my!”

A new Stay at Home Dad Tip regarding a good food is Chicken fries. They look like French Fries but are chicken and taste great. She is getting very fussy now–I think this is normal for a 2 year old–and getting her to eat something other than peanut butter or chocolate is a challenge.

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