Finding Nemo

Favorite New Movies, Some Firsts, Fireworks!

Emma has a few favorite, and I use this term loosely as she is addicted to them, new movies. The first is Finding Nemo. For about a week she wanted to watch it everyday and usually requested it 2 to 3 times a day! The second is Shrek the Third. She loves the little Shrek babies, the Spanish walking cat, and Hook, the pirate with the hook hand. The third, and recently the new addiction, is Cars. She loves the cars going fast and especially loves the train and trucks. Emma had some firsts recently. The first one was her first booboo. She fell down and got a good scrape on top of her foot. …Read more […..]

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Wisconsin Dells, New Words & Sayings, Favorite Movie

We had a recent trip to the Wisconsin Dells. Emma got to hang out with her buddy Alesha as well as Alesha’s big sister Brittany. Emma enjoyed the waterparks but was a bit overwhelmed by all the wild kids splashing and the noise. We went to a quiet area and Emma was right at home going in and out of the water. I took these pictures while we were there. Emma has been picking up all of our sayings and is surprising us at random times by saying them. Here are some of them….. “Wait a minute” “I got it” “OK” “My favorite” And…My Favorite: “Hey Ken!” Yes, she heard …Read more […..]

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