Little Dog

“The Witch” is back again

Over 3 months have went by since Emma saw the witch at Disney World’s live show at the Disney castle. She stopped mentioning the witch about a month ago, seemingly over the trauma and fear that the experienced had caused. Boy, was I wrong! That experience was just hiding underneath the surface waiting for a chance to raise it’s head again! A few days ago, we were all watching TV and playing as I began to surf the channels. I came across a famous movie that most of us grew up with and enjoy. The Wizard of Oz had just started and I didn’t think twice about checking it out. Emma really got into …Read more […..]

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Puppy! Mana, Shoes, Mall, Diaper Changing

This past weekend we went to Emma’s “new” relatives for an early Easter and a birthday party. Emma received big Easter baskets filled with goodies. She also got to play with the tiny little dog that was there! She loves puppies and this little dog was no exception. It is smaller than her cats and wags its tail extremely fast! The only thing that she didn’t get was that this little dog did not like her and wanted to bite her. She got a kick out of the fact that it tried to bite her cheek and her feet. Even 4 days later when I ask her what she did at the party she laughs and says “puppy, …Read more […..]

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