Puppy! Mana, Shoes, Mall, Diaper Changing

This past weekend we went to Emma’s “new” relatives for an early Easter and a birthday party. Emma received big Easter baskets filled with goodies. She also got to play with the tiny little dog that was there!

She loves puppies and this little dog was no exception. It is smaller than her cats and wags its tail extremely fast! The only thing that she didn’t get was that this little dog did not like her and wanted to bite her. She got a kick out of the fact that it tried to bite her cheek and her feet. Even 4 days later when I ask her what she did at the party she laughs and says “puppy, cheek(points at cheek), and feet(points at feet.) She loved to tease it while it was in its cage just like she does her cats.

Emma likes her new cousin Sylvana who turned 10 and whose birthday we celebrated. She calls her “Mana” and kept going by her and wanted to play with her. When I mention Sylvana’s name She gets a big smile on her face and says “Mana!”

Emma has been putting on Mommy’s shoes for awhile now but today she put Daddy’s shoes on in the morning and her own shoes, that were fastened shut, on in the evening. She got some new shoes that light up and blink and she unfastened the Velcro and put them on–on the correct feet– and was walking around showing off. She got soooo proud when we praised her for it and she didn’t want to take them off.

The little cutie loves to go to the mall. She loves the fountain and wanted to go by the Buddy(Easter Bunny) since it is still there. She gets so excited to see the bunny that she gets every one’s attention. She went on the fish merry go round like she always does and then we went to the play area.

Since Emma is on a hitting streak(not like the kind they have in baseball) I get scared that she will start smacking other kids around. Today she saw 2 babies, one about 4 months old and another about 8. She went up to them and their mothers and said, “baby…nice!” and rubbed their hand just like we teach her. Boy was I relieved. It is difficult enough to be one of the only Dads there but if my daughter is a bully then how does that look for me?? LOL She also had an infatuation with one of the Moms there and kept going by her and smiling. The Mom was friendly and eventually Emma grabbed her hand and pulled her up to play. After playing with Emma a couple minutes the Mom got her daughter who was there and was about 6 months older than Emma. The little girl tagged Emma and said “You’re it” and ran away. Well, nothing more needed to be said as off they went! They played for about 15 minutes running all over the place and laughing. Emma even told her to “go” when the girl stopped and off they went again. It was a nice day at the mall.

When I was single I always envisioned the changing of diapers as a very difficult and troubling thing to have to do. The movie Mr. Mom where Michael Keaton is dressed up in a smock, rubber gloves, goggles, and a clothespin on his nose when he changes the baby’s diaper and then keeps the dirty diaper at arms length while putting it in the garbage can is how I thought I would be when changing diapers. Well, it has been nothing like that. Strange but it doesn’t–and didn’t at the beginning–phase me at all. I guess since it is my own child I am not affected by the smell, etc…. I know that if I changed somebody else’s child that I would probably feel exactly like the guy in Mr Mom. Yech!!

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