The First Day

The first day alone with Emma was one that I will not forget. Up until that time she was doing just fine with Momma being home. She took her naps every 2-3 hours and pretty much just ate and slept. She was a happy baby and would always be smiling and laughing. I think that I was lulled into a false sense of comfort during this time. Little did I know that the Mommy-Daughter bond would be so strong… I think it had lots to do with the fact that she was breastfeeding. Not only was this for her nutritional needs but it was just as important for her emotional needs. Daddy just isn’t …Read more […..]

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The Beginning

People who know me know that I am a big kid. Even though my childhood was not perfect(Much more on this in the book) I have fond memories of it. Everything was so amazing and nothing was impossible! My Hotwheels, plastic soldiers, Vertibird, electric train set, Power passers, Intellivision, Schwinn World Sport(which I still have!), mini-bike, dirt bike, my Buick Electra, etc…… Going to the movies with uncle Jeff was so much fun, especially the R rated ones! Sleepovers with all my friends then sneaking out! Playing guns outside(None of us has shot anyone or committed violent crimes …Read more […..]

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