My Childhood

To the Mall with Jeff & Jo, Car Track, Aquarium

Another “milestone’ that was recently achieved was Emma going somewhere in someone else’s car without me or Melissa. It may sound strange but Emma has not been anywhere in someone else’s car without us. But since she really loves My uncle Jeff and his wife Jo and since I trust them and like some free time, they decided to bring Emma to Woodfield mall. Before they left Jeff told me that they would see me at 4! That was about 6 hours from then! It was strange watching her get in their car and then wave to me as they drove away. I felt an almost sense of loss and worry…..It lasted about a minute …Read more […..]

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Health Club, Comments on Kids’ Amazement

I have always worked out and exercised but the last couple years have brought a change to my workouts. Instead of lifting weights and playing basketball I find myself walking a lot, riding my bike with Emma on board, and generally chasing her around, etc…. I recently brought her to the health club and had her stay in the child care area. The first time I stayed with her for a while then snuck out for 20 minutes as she played with all the new toys. The second time I brought her I left her while I worked out. I made the mistake of trying to peek in on her before taking a shower to make sure …Read more […..]

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The Beginning

People who know me know that I am a big kid. Even though my childhood was not perfect(Much more on this in the book) I have fond memories of it. Everything was so amazing and nothing was impossible! My Hotwheels, plastic soldiers, Vertibird, electric train set, Power passers, Intellivision, Schwinn World Sport(which I still have!), mini-bike, dirt bike, my Buick Electra, etc…… Going to the movies with uncle Jeff was so much fun, especially the R rated ones! Sleepovers with all my friends then sneaking out! Playing guns outside(None of us has shot anyone or committed violent crimes …Read more […..]

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