2nd Bday Party! Happy! Look What I Can Do! Sick…:(

Emma turned 2 on March 27th! Her 2nd birthday was very nice even though Melissa and I were under the weather. We had a pretty good turnout for the party. Melissa’s entire family, both sides, showed up as they usually do. 1 Cousin and 2 aunts could not make it. Even her 2 grandmothers, one 88 and virtually deaf and hardly able to walk, and the other 96 and suffering from Alzheimers made it. They are true to their family and it is admirable. My parents, 2 sisters and families, and some members of my “new” family came. My “new” family is also very true to their family! They …Read more […..]

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Opening Drawers, Sitting High, Hiding, No Baba

Today, actually yesterday, Emma made sounds like she was up at 7:45. I thought she went back to sleep but then heard noises a 1/2 hr later. I went up there and she was sitting next to her dresser with the door open and all her clothes on the floor. LOL Just playing contentedly with her clothes. Our new thing is to go play in the basement. She likes it down there because it is roomy and we have all kinds of lights and things set up for her to look at. For the first time she wanted to sit on one of the bar stools. I couldn’t get her down! She loves saying “high!” when she sits on the high …Read more […..]

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