Opening Drawers, Sitting High, Hiding, No Baba

Today, actually yesterday, Emma made sounds like she was up at 7:45. I thought she went back to sleep but then heard noises a 1/2 hr later. I went up there and she was sitting next to her dresser with the door open and all her clothes on the floor. LOL Just playing contentedly with her clothes.

Our new thing is to go play in the basement. She likes it down there because it is roomy and we have all kinds of lights and things set up for her to look at. For the first time she wanted to sit on one of the bar stools. I couldn’t get her down! She loves saying “high!” when she sits on the high stools. We have a lighted picture of Chicago on the wall by where she was sitting and she looked at it and said, “purple.” She loves saying purple.

A hilarious thing she did was when we were playing in the frontroom. There is a box of Duraflame logs in there and all of a sudden she looked at the box, walked across the room to it, pointed at a small picture of the backs of 2 people looking at a fireplace and said,”Momma..Dada.” After looking at the picture I saw that the backs of these 2 peoples’ head actually look like us!

She also discovered how to hide. She hid in her closet and after a while would repeat my calls to her then would peek out her toys when I called her..

A Milestone of sorts occurred today. Now, I know the experts say that you shouldn’t put your child to bed with a bottle, much less lie down with them, but hey, we worked hard for our 1st child and if we “spoil” her then we do it with lots of love.. We have done this and I know it will be hard to break. Today, I brought her for her nap. She didn’t seem very tired but it was getting late and it drives me crazy when she doesn’t take a nap. She gets cranky and when Mama comes home I want her to enjoy their time together.

We sit in the glider and she immediately says, duckie” and point to her little duck on the floor. I give that to her and begin to rock. She points to the bed and I think this will be easy…. We lie on the bed and I give her the bottle. She kicks her legs like she is antsy… She drops the bottle and looks at her ducky. I lie there like I am sleeping because I almost am. She fidgets around a bit then just lies her head and closes her eyes. She goes to sleep pretty fast without drinking her bottle! This is the first time this has happened and I intend to build on this from here.

A note on when she falls asleep… As a father, I get great satisfaction just watching my little angel sleeping. It is at these times that my concern for her future and what it may hold for all of us swirls in my mind. I want to be there for her at least the next 40 years. My concerns for health come to the forefront and something triggers a deep fear that something bad can happen to ruin all that we have…..

It is at this time that the incredibly powerful love that I feel for her is apparent. I know why people say that they would do anything for their kids, even die for them. <em>Until I actually experienced this I never truly understood it.</em> I mean, even before I had kids I thought like this but not until now has it hit home.

I remember as a kid that whenever someone told me an old saying, such as “Haste Makes Waste” I used to think, yeah, whatever…… Well, those sayings all have merit. Guess it is the stages of life that helps us understand them.

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