Police Officer

Stay at Home Dad Video Regarding England’s Dad Revolution

This video hits the nail on the head. For a long time I had an identity crisis as I felt my identity was that of a Police Officer. It took me a while before my identity became that of the best Dad I can be. And, I have been absolutely blessed to have witnessed all the things that I have while Emma has been growing up. The old fashioned fathers who worked, worked, and worked missed out on the most important thing in my mind–being involved with and seeing your kids grow up–intimately. Anyway, enjoy the video! …Read more […..]

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Daycare, Trust, & “John”

Seems my discussion of Daycare was interesting to lots of people. I will elaborate on daycare. My main concern regarding daycare is not the fact that kids are always sick that go there or the fact that the children are not exclusively supervised(not really a problem for older kids) but the fact that I don’t know who is caring for my child. I find it very difficult to put my trust in a stranger( multiple childcare people at daycare centers). Now I am sure there are those who say that the facility is highly reputable and has a stringent screening process, etc… I say that the people who say …Read more […..]

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