Daycare, Trust, & “John”

Seems my discussion of Daycare was interesting to lots of people. I will elaborate on daycare.

My main concern regarding daycare is not the fact that kids are always sick that go there or the fact that the children are not exclusively supervised(not really a problem for older kids) but the fact that I don’t know who is caring for my child. I find it very difficult to put my trust in a stranger( multiple childcare people at daycare centers).

Now I am sure there are those who say that the facility is highly reputable and has a stringent screening process, etc… I say that the people who say that are correct to a point. They have also not seen the things that I have while working as a Police Officer. I am sure that my Police friends will agree that the average person lives in their own little bubble of a world not aware of what goes on all around them. **Comments are welcome**

There is evil in the world and in people who you wouldn’t expect. Take for example a former friend of mine named John.

I grew up with a core group of friends that are still my friends today. One of them, John, always seemed to be a bit jealous of us and would constantly compare his looks, athletic prowess, etc.. with us. Now, we would all be outside playing sports in even the most inclement weather–are there any kids who actually play outside anymore??– and John would sometimes show up with a black eye or bruise of some kind. He always said that he got in a fight with one of his 3 older brothers (one which I had regular contact with when I was a Police Officer.) We thought nothing of it. We all grew up and still hung out as adults. John had a son of his own and seemed to be the model father, always involved in the kids’ activities. John was even at my current house for a party in 2001.

Well, John eventually got married to a woman that had a 3 and 6 year old daughter. He was married for 13 years when the oldest girl, 19 at that time, came out and reported that John had been molesting both girls since he had gotten married(a 3 and 6 year old girl?!?!?!) and continued till the time she reported it to the police. None of us could believe it. It came out during his trial that he had been getting molested by his brothers when he was little and that can explain those injuries…

He is serving 40 years in prison and will be out sometime around 80 yrs old…

I know that people like him are in the minority but I feel it is better to be safe than sorry. Child molesters, abusive and mean people have no business being with or near my child.

Here is an excellent resource you can use to see if any sex offenders live near you. I recommend trying it!

I will begin reminiscing about Emma’s early months soon. The wheels are turning here.

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