Horsies, Sleepover with Taylor, The “Scooter”, I Can Walk! NC Vacation Pics

The other day i brought Emma to my sister Kimmy’s place to pick up Nonnie. Emma was excited to go there because she knew her cousin Taylor, age 5, would be there. Emma got to see their 9 pet bunnies (buddies) and also the 3 horses that they have on their property. Emma likes riding her little rocking horses and likes to see horses on TV. Boy did she like to see them in person! She even got to pet them! The big Momma horse even did some horse talk for us. Emma got a bonus when my cousin Diane came by with her daughter Adell (Dell). The 3 girls went walking in the mud and went in the stable …Read more […..]

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Bosingpot, Cinderelli, Nonnie(Lobleeee), Sleepover with Mary & Sylvana! Pure Exhaustion & Help or Lack of…

So, Emma’s word has changed from bodeepot to bosingpot. We can’t figure out where she got this word but she mentions elfs–maybe from the movie Elf? She uses this word lots like it is a real thing…Too funny! Emma has really become quite fond of the movie Cinderella. The fact that she has several dolls of the princess adds to her enjoyment of it. She plays with her dolls and Cinderella is usually in the middle of the action “talking” to the other dolls. Some of the other dolls include newer favorites Jasmine, Snow White, and two different Ariel dolls. We were recently up at the lake house …Read more […..]

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