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1st Week of Preschool, Cousin Vinnie’s Party, Maria(Meera), Sleeping Beauty(Sleeping Booty)

Emma’s 1st day of preschool was an extremely nerve wracking ordeal for me. I didn’t sleep well all night due to being so nervous about leaving Emma in strangers’ care. I also worried that she wouldn’t want me to leave and would cry etc…. Well, I acted all excited in the morning in an effort to hide my uneasiness as well as to get her excited about it. She was Ok with it except for the getting up earlier than normal. My nervousness was at a level equal to that of when I had to give a speech in school when we arrived. We got there and I hung up her backpack on her hanger and went over her …Read more […..]


1st Day of Preschool, I Love You Daddy, Florida Vacation–Chaos!

We recently had Emma’s preschool open house. It was cool to go see her school and be able to check out all the things that are there. Emma really liked the cars that they have and played with the cash register–ka-ching! We met her teacher again who is very nice, I think Emma likes her! That is a relief! I still can’t help feeling nervous about her starting preschool even if it is only a couple half days a week. My philosophy is let a kid enjoy being a kid as I remember many fond memories of playing with toys and using my imagination, etc… It seems there are way too many parents–One uppers– …Read more […..]