1st Day of Preschool, I Love You Daddy, Florida Vacation–Chaos!

We recently had Emma’s preschool open house. It was cool to go see her school and be able to check out all the things that are there. Emma really liked the cars that they have and played with the cash register–ka-ching! We met her teacher again who is very nice, I think Emma likes her! That is a relief! I still can’t help feeling nervous about her starting preschool even if it is only a couple half days a week. My philosophy is let a kid enjoy being a kid as I remember many fond memories of playing with toys and using my imagination, etc… It seems there are way too many parents–One uppers– who insist on making their little ones become pro sports players, ballerinas, physicists, astronauts, poets, gymnasts, etc…. at a very young age. Whenever I hear parents talk about where their child goes or went I hear a hint of arrogance or elitism in their voice–maybe it is just me lol…

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Emma has begun to say, “I love You Daddy” lots more often. It is an awesome feeling to hear her say that out of the blue or when she is having fun with me. I often ask her if she will do this when she is 10 years older or 20 years older…This goes for all the hugging and kisses too! Oh, I would be remiss if I didn’t mention that she does the same for her Mother too!! 🙂

Well, we recently had a vacation in Florida where we met up with Melissa’s brother and his family. Emma hadn’t seen her cousins Megan and Chrissy for quite some time and it was a great reunion—for the 1st day at least. They got along great the 1st day. After that it became chaotic at times–not all the time– with the girls teaming up against one of the other girls–3 is a crowd? Most of the time my little angel Emma was in the middle of it and we observed instances of her being bossy and pushing her cousins. They all thought it was funny to say “Lady in the Butt” and “Poopy” much to the adults’ chagrin! The intermittent arguing became very annoying and uncle Mark became Grandpa Mark as he reminded me of my grandfather who was seemed crabby all the time, especially around us kids…
We had lots of fun at the pool and at Disney and Epcot. Disney was not crowded at all and we got to see lots of characters and attractions. Emma had a bit of a meltdown while in line to meet Mickey and the gang but I attribute to her not napping(She regularly naps when home with me).

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We went to Cape Coral for a night and spent time with Emma’s aunt Krissy and cousin Lauren(Lala). Emma really likes them and it is a shame she doesn’t get to see them often. We got to see their cats and almost had them coming home with us–we have to keep trying I guess! We also spent a day by the bay and at a park. Emma still talks about them!
Our last part of our trip to Florida was when we hooked back up with Mark, Tina a

nd the kids at a really nice place on the ocean in Bradenton. We went in the pool and Emma gathered shells on the beach to bring home to show her class at preschool like her teacher mentioned to her. She didn’t like the waves though as they were much bigger than what she is used to in Wisconsin!

It was difficult saying goodbye but it was great to be home too!!

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