May 2009

The Baby Puked, Meera, Potty with Gianna, Kathy Kathy, Popstickle, Memorizing Max & Ruby Song

Emma likes taking baths with her dollies. For awhile she would bring them in with their clothes still on but after awhile we took the clothes off beforehand as the princess dresses are too nice to get ruined. Anyway, she has a big doll that we just call baby. Baby is a doll that has an open mouth and bottom that will drink from a bottle and go pee. Baby took a bath with Emma and I thought it would be funny–and I was right– to pick the doll up and squeeze it. When Emma saw the water coming out of its mouth and bottom she got excited and proclaimed, “The baby is going pee and it puked!” Too funny!!! For …Read more […..]

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Women Are Wired Differently

This is an article reprinted from another blog,, that “validates” my feeling that women and men are naturally different(in general)in respect to children, etc… This guy works full-time and his wife stays home with their two daughters but after a day with the girls he realizes what stay at home parents go through everyday, every week, every month, every year…. Although it has been a blessing, I have struggled to maintain my manly “lion in a cage” feeling during the last few years while staying home with my little beauty Emma. I had the pleasure of watching the girls …Read more […..]

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Mom Charged With Killing Own Toddler

Is there a punishment good enough for this sick, evil woman? I think maybe she should get what she gave…. LANCASTER, Calif. (April 28) – A Southern California mother has been charged with murdering the 18-month-old daughter she initially reported missing last month. Skip over this content AP Emma Leigh Barker’s mother first said her daughter was abducted but later recanted and led police to the child’s body. Prosecutors in Los Angeles County said Monday that 24-year-old Stacey Marie Barker of Quartz Hill was charged with one count each of murder, assault on a child causing death, …Read more […..]

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