July 2009

Cosley Zoo, Pet Stores, New Words, Daddy and Mary’s Party

A short time ago I took Emma to the Cosley Zoo in Wheaton. It is a small zoo that is close and FREE! We got to look at cows, horses, lamas, sheep, ducks, owls, hawks, pigs, turtles, foxes, deer and other small animals. Emma was a good girl and really enjoyed going into the old train caboose where the inside was decorated with plants and leaves. I recommend this place for a free and enjoyable excursion. Emma has become a fond admirer of pet stores now. She loves going there–there are 2 of them close, she calls one the old one and the other the new one. She loves looking at the fish and …Read more […..]

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July 4th in Wisconsin, Talking to Poppie, The Italian Feast, 1st Penis Sighting, New Words–Good & Bad!

This 4th of July was a very nice one! We spent it at the lake house with Nonnie and poppy. Emma had a great time swimming and finding jewels in the water that the “mermaids” brought. Nonnie started the tradition of throwing little knick knack jewelry items into the water and claiming to the kids that mermaids brought them. This tradition has continued for almost 20 years now. The fireworks were very nice as usual. Emma loves watching fireworks–as long as the loud ones are far away…. We watched the town fireworks from our house across the lake and then the people around the lake started …Read more […..]

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