Cosley Zoo, Pet Stores, New Words, Daddy and Mary’s Party

A short time ago I took Emma to the Cosley Zoo in Wheaton. It is a small zoo that is close and FREE! We got to look at cows, horses, lamas, sheep, ducks, owls, hawks, pigs, turtles, foxes, deer and other small animals. Emma was a good girl and really enjoyed going into the old train caboose where the inside was decorated with plants and leaves. I recommend this place for a free and enjoyable excursion.

Emma has become a fond admirer of pet stores now. She loves going there–there are 2 of them close, she calls one the old one and the other the new one. She loves looking at the fish and smacking the front of the tanks and watching the fish all jump–at Dad;s objection of course. She likes the birds lots too. At the new pet store the birds are low so she can really get close and scare them good–again, at Dad’s objections. Funny how she really gets her kicks watching the mice run around in their wheels.

A new word that she has been calling people–no idea where she got it–is poot toot. She says, “you are a Poot Toot” and then laughs…LOL too funny!

Emma has a funny way of calling one of her cousin’s name. The name is Julianna but Emma says it JulieJonna. It is very cute to hear her say this!

We recently went to my sister Lena’s for a combination birthday party. My sister Mary and I have the same birthday so we had a big bash with all of the family. Emma got to play with all her cousins, young ladies and aunts while Daddy played volleyball in the pool with nephews, cousins and other Italians who are not blood related but still “family.” It was a long day but very fun and enjoyable!

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